About Rammed Earth Constructions

A multi-award winning building company, Rammed Earth Constructions has been specialising in rammed earth since 1989.

John Oliver has been at the helm of the company since its inception, but as of 1 July 2024 he has fully retired, passing the company on to his nephew, Dean Burge. All enquiries should now be directed to Dean. Call him on + 61 413 626 677, or email him at dean@rammedearthconstructions.com.au.

Dean is an experienced and licenced carpenter and builder. He worked with John and the rammed earth crew on the 2 year-long Sydney Modern Project and on numerous projects since then.


“Thanks to you we are very proud of the building and the team who went the extra mile. Congratulations to you and your guys.” (In reference to the Garangula Gallery, NSW.)

Rob Mirams, FKM Architects

“Rammed Earth Constructions undertook the construction of rammed earth walls to the award winning Garangula Gallery of which Manteena was the Principal Builder.

The project was a significant undertaking with rammed earth being featured predominantly throughout the design. Rammed earth was chosen for its aesthetic appeal and its natural appearance and having a connection with the rural environment in which the Gallery is sited. The material used in the walls was quarried adjacent the site and was meticulously graded, mixed and placed into forms to provide an unvarying appearance without “stratification” lines which was an integral requirement of the project vision.

Given its prominence, it was crucial that we select the most experienced craftsperson to undertake the work. The Project Team evaluated many Contractors and their work across Australia, and were unanimous in recommending Rammed Earth Constructions to undertake the work due to their experience and commitment to quality over many years working in this field.

John Oliver and his team at Rammed Earth Constructions certainly lived up to their preceding reputation and the expectations of the entire Project Team and the Client. They willingly worked with us to specify and prototype the material and the process and consistently maintained a high level of quality from the beginning to the end despite being hundreds of kilometres from home for a considerable period of time.

The result is a most remarkable example of the beauty and versatility of rammed earth. This project has proven that rammed earth is not just a solution for traditional construction but is equally at home in the most contemporary of design elements. The incorporation of indigenous artist Jonathon Jones’s untitled artwork (buuagang nurrambang) which features in the rammed earth at front entrance of the Gallery is testament to the limitless possibilities of rammed earth and John’s  skill as an artisan.

If you are considering rammed earth for your commercial project or home, I can unreservedly recommend that John and Rammed Earth Constructions be entrusted to deliver a superior product and service.”

Rod Mitton, Operations Manager, Manteena ACT/NSW

“It was a pleasure having you and your crew on my commercial site! Many meetings discussing the build process and working through all the WHS requirements was all natural with John and this gave me confidence that I would not have any difficulties during the construction process.  We had rammed earth walls up to 4.7m in height so this provided a challenge on how WHS was implemented but John handled this perfectly. The use of scissor lifts provided a completely safe environment for his workers and all involved on the site.
I can confidently assure anyone that John and his crew are great at what they do and provide great service that cannot be faulted in this industry.  Thanks John, and see you on the next job!”

Roger Read, Commercial Construction Manager, Ausmar Homes Pty Ltd

“John from Rammed Earth Constructions creates something unique, beautiful and environmentally sustainable. A professional with a work-with attitude, the rammed earth wall that John built for us is a work of art! Highly recommend John and his crew and the amazing product he produces.”

Trudi Scott, Samford, Qld

“Rammed Earth Constructions built a house for us some four years ago. John, Val and the team were with us all the way from start to finish. Having built two houses before with different builders, and done a number of large renovations, we can honestly say that Rammed Earth Constructions’ work and professionalism is second to none. As far as building products go, rammed earth is for us, and John made the whole experience very enjoyable indeed. The eco credentials of rammed earth are of the highest level, as is evident in the fact that we require no heating in the house, and have only ceiling fans. The house is comfortable all year round, and the rammed earth walls give a beautiful feel to our home.  The house can easily still pass for new, as the workmanship is first class.  We would not hesitate to engage Rammed Earth Constructions again if the need arose.”

Simone and Teddy Henriksen, Pelican Waters, Qld

“There is the design; and there is its implementation. How a house is built is as important as how it looks on paper. Who you engage as builder is a crucial factor in obtaining the house of your dreams.

It is the builder who translates the drawings of the architect into walls and windows, roof and floors and rooms. The builder needs to be planful, organized, diligent, and attentive to all manner of detail. Our builder, Rammed Earth Constructions, displayed these qualities in all aspects of the construction of our house, and he maintained a harmonious relationship with us and our architect throughout all the stages of the project. Moreover, in the years subsequent to completion, he has responded to any requests we have made for additions or adjustments in a prompt and efficient manner, and without demur. The house, and the process of building it, have been a delight.”

John and Sue Cotterell, Maleny, QLD

“We had a vision of how rammed earth would complement our rainforest setting, and at the same time turn a badly designed house (facing west in subtropical QLD) into a beautiful functional eco-friendly house. I imagined driving up our road and seeing the sky, the rainforest and then our house built from earth, the most natural of all materials.

John and Val worked with our design to create that dream, their efficient and hard-working team patiently undertaking the difficult task of ‘adding on’ to an existing building.

We are extremely happy with the results. Each wall is like a piece of art in itself and we never get tired of gazing at the subtle patterns and colours in the walls in different lights. It is a complete joy every day to live in this house, and much of that is due to the rammed earth walls.”

Steven Lang and Chris Francis, Maleny, QLD

“It’s not often you hear someone say building a house was a wonderful, relaxed and satisfying experience, but having John Oliver build our home two years ago was exactly that. Being a contemporary, unusual design, it would not have been an easy job. Although much of the ground floor is rammed earth, the upper storey and lower internal walls are timber and fibro, yet John managed to blend the two perfectly with attention to detail. As well, the architect was in NSW so John had to work through any anomalies – and there were some tricky roof lines – on site. Throughout it all, he consulted with us on every question or choice, was always available to answer endless fussy queries, and was well-organised and clear with regards to progress payments and variations. Many of the tradesmen who worked on the house had long-standing association with John and all were clearly very happy with his organization and attitude. The house went on to win the Master Builders Award for Excellence in Design for the QLD Climate, a testimony not only to the quality of its construction, but also John’s suggested adjustments along the way which enhanced its original design.We’ve since seen several homes John has built, from simple rammed earth cottages to multi-level modern homes. To each he has clearly brought the same enthusiasm, skill and focus as he did ours.”

Evelyn Allan & Alex Mankiewicz, Doonan, QLD

“John Oliver and his team built my house – they did a sensational job! It was a complex construction with nine different roof structures intersecting with each other and built on a fairly steep site with difficult access. We used a variety of materials, including rammed earth, in the exterior and interior in not so usual ways and that made the job more challenging. I was living interstate during the build and periodically visited the site on weekends through the nine month build. John would send emails with pictures showing progress and would stay in regular contact by email and phone to raise any issues or questions. The result was outstanding as demonstrated by the house winning a HIA Award for Excellence in the Queensland climate. The build came in on time and on budget, without arguments, stress or disruption to my new neighbours. John and his wife became firm friends and remain so today, 10 years after the house was finished – that is pretty rare I think when it comes to building a house. Visitors to the house admire the quality that the house retains after such a period of time. I believe it is a mark of John’s integrity, honesty, craftsmanship and attention to detail as a builder that the build was a success and we became friends, which was a tremendous bonus.”

Wayne Parcell, Montville, QLD

“John Oliver and his Rammed Earth Constructions team built our new rammed earth commercial offices and warehouse. As a mail order company dealing in organic seeds, plants and gardening equipment, we had specific light and climate control needs which needed to be met in addition to the normal requirements of a commercial premises.

John was always available to us and willing to talk through our requirements, adjusting the plans to suit our needs. The finish quality is excellent and we are very happy with our building.  John Oliver is honest and diligent and we have no hesitation in recommending him as a builder. His calm, fair and reasonable approach makes the process of building immeasurably less stressful.”

Frances & Jeff Michaels, Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supplies, Witta, Qld

“Rammed Earth Constructions constructed the rammed earth walls of our house. John’s work and level of finish is of a high quality. He is also an easy person to work with and being a builder himself he was able to suggest solutions to how the rest of the house might tie in with the rammed earth. There were no major issues, the experience was an enjoyable one and they come back willingly to do minor adjustments. The final product has exceeded our expectations.”

Ben Healey, Samford, QLD

“We feel incredibly grateful to you for your patience with us, your creative input into the house, your care for details, your integrity and for building such a fantastic house! We’ve felt really supported and your kind nature has made our home building journey a real pleasure. Thank you.”

Phil Harrison, Witta, QLD

“EcoLogical Solutions commissioned John Oliver to build our teaching centre, the Ecocentre, at Crystal Waters. The structure is predominantly rammed earth and is of unconventional design as we wanted to achieve a high level of energy efficiency combined with low maintenance and low operating costs. John is a craftsman – his professional skills and attention to detail were significant contributors to the building receiving the Sunshine Coast Environment Council’s Most Sustainable Building Award. Visitors to the Ecocentre frequently comment on how comfortable it feels – even on hot summer days.”

Lloyd Williams, Director, EcoLogical Solutions, Crystal Waters, QLD