Bulwark walls of Aquatic Centre

Thick rammed earth walls protect the inner courtyard gardens and pools from hot winds

Red rammed earth in outback

The solid walls provide a sheltered oasis within. The red soil of the area is reflected in the colour of the walls.

Sheltered garden and pools

Aquatic Centre garden, sheltered by rammed earth walls

Our “bulwark-like” rammed earth walls at the Blackwater Aquatic Centre have been cited as a reason why architects Liquid Blu won the Public Architecture Award (Queensland) for 2018.

The jury of the Australian Institute of Architects said, “Providing a small mining community with a cool place of respite and aquatic activities for all ages, the bulwark-like outer layer of rammed earth walls wrap themselves around three elevations, affording refuge from the harsh environment. The building makes a positive contribution to this community, with the architecture responding sensitively to the climate and its rural context. It is seen as a generous public asset, a welcome refuge and oasis within an otherwise remote and harsh setting.”

Last year the building also won Hutchinson Builders, the head contractor, the 2017 Project of the Year Master Builder Award for Central Queensland and the 2017 Master Builder Award for Sporting Facilities.

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