University of Queensland/Spicers Wildlife Centre, Hidden Vale

The University of Queensland/Spicers wildlife research centre at Hidden Vale has an extensive internal core of rammed earth walling. The research centre is situated on a 3100 hectare nature refuge. It includes  a captive wildlife and breeding centre and a permanent release facility, with a particular focus on echidnas.  The rammed earth walls are part of a strategy to allow termite breeding without endangering the structure. (Rammed earth is of no interest to termites.) Designed by WD Architects.

From the UQ site: The Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre is a teaching, research and community engagement facility.  Facilities and resources include interpretation/engagement spaces, veterinary clinic, lecture theatre, office spaces, a vast range of equipment, unique wildlife housing and breeding facilities, and research areas equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It houses a diverse range of native wildlife including both common and threatened species.

Researchers have access to over 10,000 hectares of real-world research-focussed land across multiple properties. This exceptional fusion of land, facilities, resources and partnerships uniquely supports innovation and applied research, critically including valuable long-term research.”



University of Queensland/Taylor Foundation