Garangula Art Gallery, Harden, NSW

Multi award-winning private art gallery focusing on indigenous art, near Harden, NSW. Designed by FKM Architects of Sydney and built by Manteena, ACT. The extensive high rammed earth walls took the best part of a year to build. Material from the property and especially commissioned artwork were incorporated into the rammed earth walls.

“This project has proven that rammed earth is not just a solution for traditional construction but is equally at home in the most contemporary of design elements. The incorporation of indigenous artist Jonathon Jones’s untitled artwork (buuagang nurrambang) which features in the rammed earth at front entrance of the Gallery is testament to the limitless possibilities of rammed earth and John’s  skill as an artisan.”  – Rod Mitton, Operations Manager, Manteena  (see the rest of Rod’s comments here)