Rammed earth is a method of building walls whereby a mixture of earth is compacted in layers between forms. Each layer of earth is approximately 15 cm (6 in) deep. As each form is filled, another form is placed above it, and the process begins again. This is continued until the desired wall height is achieved. Forms can be stripped off as soon as the form above is begun, as the compressed earth wall is self-supporting immediately. Most rammed earth builders in Australia, including our company, use pneumatic rammers to compact the earth within the forms.

The soil mix needs to be carefully balanced between clay, sand and aggregate. The clay and moisture content of rammed earth is relatively low compared to that used for mud brick or other earth building methods.

A wider range of soils are suitable when a small amount of cement is added to the mix. Most rammed earth builders in Australia add some cement. The result, known as ‘stabilised rammed earth’, is a strong masonry product which provides excellent thermal mass.


Established in 1989, we are a multi-award winning building company contracting for full building and renovation projects. We construct buildings and homes of all types of material, as well as our speciality of rammed earth.

John Oliver, the Managing Director of Rammed Earth Constructions and QBSA Nominated Supervisor, is a fully licensed builder and carpenter, with more than 30 years experience. He has been building rammed earth since 1989, and as a result has a deep and comprehensive understanding of the product and its capabilities, developed over 25 years of hands-on experience.  His attention to detail and care for his clients is legendary. His expertise, coupled with our high quality building practices, makes Rammed Earth Constructions the obvious choice when choosing a builder for your project.

As well as full project construction we also offer as subcontract service for rammed earth walls (as detailed in our Scope of Work section below). The company has extensive experience in building both residential and commercial projects in a variety of styles and for a range of budgets.

Some recent rammed earth commercial work has been the multi award winning Garangula Art Gallery designed by Fender Katsalidis Mirams;  an exciting project with extensive and very high rammed earth walls, which also incorporated a relief artworkby Jonathan Jones built into the rammed earth entry wall, Australia Zoo's Wildlife Animal Hospital,  the Green Harvest Organic Supplies Warehouse and Offices, and the Noosa Pengari School Hall designed by WD Architects. 


The company is a both a full-construct building company for projects of all sizes and also a subcontractor for rammed earth walls. We are full-construct contractors in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Sunshine Coast, Qld, and we also subcontract for the walls to owner builders within the Maleny/hinterland area, and to other builders outside it.

As well as a great variety of residential projects (see photo gallery), we have built walls (or the complete building) for a number of commercial projects, including the award winning Garangula Art Gallery in Harden, NSW, the Green Harvest Organic Supplies offices and warehouse, Australia Zoo's animal hospital, the Billabong Surfwear HQ and showroom, the award winning Crystal Waters EcoCentre, and award winning Noosa Pengari School Hall.

We recommend that you contact us early in your design process so that we can provide advice and allow time for your project in our schedule. We have occasionally found that we have been contacted us out of the blue for immediate work, and have been unable to assist within the required time frame.

We provide a consultancy service for future and existing rammed earth buildings. Please enquire for details.



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